The history of eyebrow shapes and the influential women who popularized them.

Eyebrows have been an essential feature of facial beauty for centuries, and their shape and style have evolved over time. From natural and full brows to thin and arched, the history of eyebrow shapes is a fascinating one, and many influential women have played a role in popularizing different styles.

In ancient times, eyebrows were often left to grow naturally without any shaping. However, in ancient Egypt, women started to shape their eyebrows and enhance their natural arch. Egyptian women often used soot or kohl to darken their brows and create a dramatic look.

During the Middle Ages, women often removed their eyebrows entirely and replaced them with a high forehead. This trend continued into the Renaissance period, where women would pluck their brows to create a high, arched shape.

In the 1920s, Clara Bow, an American actress, popularized the thin, rounded eyebrow shape that was prevalent during the decade. This style was achieved by heavily tweezing the brows and creating a rounded shape using makeup.

In the 1940s, Hollywood actresses like Joan Crawford and Bette Davis popularized thick, arched eyebrows that were often groomed and shaped using a pencil. This style continued into the 1950s, where Audrey Hepburn's thick, natural brows became iconic.

In the 1960s, supermodel Twiggy's thin, curved eyebrows became popular, as did the bold, bushy brows of actress Elizabeth Taylor. In the 1980s, Madonna's bold, arched eyebrows were all the rage, and women often used heavy makeup to create a dramatic look.

In recent years, thick, natural eyebrows have become popular once again, thanks in part to the influence of celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins.

In conclusion, the history of eyebrow shapes is a fascinating one, and the different styles have been influenced by the trends and fashions of the times. From ancient Egypt to modern times, influential women have played a role in shaping the eyebrow trends of their era. Today, there are many options for shaping and styling eyebrows, from threading and waxing to microblading and tinting, making it easier than ever to achieve your desired look.

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