Ear Hair Removal: The Best Methods and Techniques

Are you embarrassed by hairy ears? Or maybe you know someone who is? Ear hair removal has been around for centuries and is still popular, especially among men who become self-conscious about it as they age.

Ear Hair: The Facts

Everyone has hair on and in their ears. The hairs inside the ear work with earwax to keep dust and dirt away from the eardrum. Hairs on the outside of the ear are just part of your normal body hair. As you age, hormones can make these hairs thicker and coarser, making them more noticeable. This happens mostly to men because of higher levels of testosterone.

Scientists used to think excessive ear hair was hereditary, but now that’s been debunked. Excess ear hair is more likely to be caused by:
- Metabolic disorders
- Problems with the endocrine system
- Some types of medication
- Specific conditions like hypertrichosis, which increase hair growth all over the body

Generally, though, a few stray hairs peeking out of the ear are totally normal and easy to deal with.

How to Remove Ear Hair: The Options

Ear hair can be removed in a variety of ways. You need to consider:
- How often are you prepared to groom your ears?
- How long can you spare for each grooming session?
- How much can you afford to spend on each session?

Options for dealing with ear hair include:
- Cutting
- Plucking
- Shaving/trimming
- Depilatory cream (hair removal cream)
- Waxing
- Laser hair removal

Cutting Ear Hair

Using a pair of scissors near your ear with only the aid of a mirror? We don’t recommend it. You could get a friend to do it, but one sneeze, and it’s a trip to the hospital. Ouch.

Plucking Ear Hair

This requires tweezers and patience, as you need to pluck each hair individually. It can be painful, and if there are several problem hairs, it can take a while. Plus, tweezers can be almost as dangerous as scissors around your tender ear canal.

Ear Hair Shaving

An electric ear-hair trimmer is a safer, although more expensive option. Trimming or cutting hair does not slow the rate at which it grows and can lend the illusion of it being coarser for a short time afterward.

Ear Hair Removal Cream

Many depilatory creams will not be powerful enough to remove coarse ear hair. You may be tempted to leave the cream on longer than stated in the instructions. This will burn your skin, so please don’t do this. Also, never insert hair removal cream into the ear canal as it could cause blockages, infections, and skin damage. If you do find a cream suitable for ear hair, test a small patch of skin first to ensure you’re not allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients.

Ear Hair Waxing

Just like pretty much anywhere else on the body, ear hair can be removed using a careful application of soft warm wax. A professional should do this for you, as getting wax stuck in your ear canal isn’t fun. Wax will get rid of all the ear hair in one quick session, and out of all our regular grooming options, it lasts the longest.

Can You Stop Hair Growth?

Yes, you can have laser hair removal if you really can’t stand dealing with ear hair regularly. The laser targets the bulb (the base of the root of ear hairs) and destroys them so that they can’t come back. Another way of doing this is to go through a process called electrolysis, which also targets the bulb of the ear hair but by using shortwave radio frequencies. These frequencies disrupt and damage the hair follicles, discouraging new hair growth. Both these procedures tend to be very expensive but could be a permanent solution. It’s important to think carefully about having any hair permanently removed, as even ear hair is there for a reason. Talk to a specialist if unsure.

Benefits of Ear Hair Waxing

Why do people choose to have their ears waxed?
- Lasts for up to 2 months
- Brief discomfort—over quickly
- Can be used on hair outside and inside the ear (to a certain extent)
- Uses wax at lower temperatures so no risk of burning
- Less costly than permanent hair removal

Hard waxes are ideal for smaller areas like the ears and can be applied easily by a professionally trained esthetician. Definitely the optimal way to stay in control of stray ear hairs!


Ear hair happens to us all, but as we get older, it can become thicker and coarser. This happens more to men than women. Trimming, waxing, and permanent solutions can all be used to get rid of ear hair. Choose the method that best fits your needs and preferences, and enjoy a cleaner, more groomed appearance.

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