Eyebrow Waxing Care: The 4 Essential Don'ts

Illustration featuring four things to avoid doing after eyebrow waxing for optimal post-wax care and beautiful, irritation-free results.


Welcome to another beauty insider post from Sexy Smooth Wax! Today, we're focusing on what not to do after getting those brows perfectly waxed. Proper aftercare is crucial for maintaining those clean lines and avoiding any skin woes. Here are the top four don'ts to keep your brows looking fantastic.

1. Hands Off The Brows

We get it, after waxing, the smoothness is tempting to touch, but here's the deal: your skin is super sensitive post-wax. Touching or rubbing the waxed area not only introduces bacteria, which can lead to breakouts, but it can also irritate the skin further.

What to do instead: Keep your hands away from your brows, and if you must touch them, make sure your hands are clean. Trust us, your skin will thank you.

2. Shade Those Arches

Direct sunlight is a no-go after eyebrow waxing. Why? Because your skin is vulnerable, and sun exposure can lead to sunburn or increased skin damage, particularly on those freshly waxed areas.

How to protect your brows: Sport a pair of sunglasses or a chic hat when stepping out to shield your skin from the sun's rays.

3. Pause The Glam Routine

It's best to wait a bit before reaching for your makeup bag or skincare products. Post-waxing, your pores are open, making them more susceptible to irritation or becoming clogged.

The 24-hour rule: Give it at least a day before diving back into your regular skincare and makeup regimen. This brief break can prevent irritation and ensure your skin remains clear and smooth.

4. Skip The Sweat Session

Those endorphin-pumping activities are great, but right after waxing, they can lead to sweat irritating your sensitive skin. And irritation can sometimes lead to ingrown hairs, which are a hassle on their own.

Cool down: Instead of hitting the gym or the sauna, opt for activities that keep you cool. If you want to freshen up, choose a gentle, cool shower over a hot one.

In Summary

Eyebrow waxing gives you that defined look that enhances your facial features, but the aftercare is just as important as the waxing itself. By following these simple don'ts, you can ensure your brows and skin remain in top condition.

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