Save or Shave: The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Within the last decade or so, laser hair removal has become more common than ever. In fact, it is now the number one most popular aesthetic treatment among all non-invasive procedures in North America. Laser hair removal is the only way to attain permanently smooth, hair-free skin, and it’s now more accessible and affordable than ever.

If you’ve ever felt laser hair removal was too time-consuming or expensive, we’re here to assure you times have changed. It is actually more cost-effective and time-saving to have laser hair removal than traditional methods of hair removal such as shaving and waxing. If you have been removing unwanted hair for any period of time, chances are you’ve picked up a razor to do so. It has been estimated that the average woman will shave 7,718 times in her lifetime. Since shaving takes approximately 10.9 minutes each time and assuming the average woman shaves three times a week, this whole process adds up to 58.4 days of shaving. And the cost? After calculating the average cost of shaving products like disposable razors and shaving cream, the grand total comes to $10,207 spent shaving in the average woman’s lifetime.

Switching to laser hair removal will not only free up a minimum of two months out of your life, but it will also save your hard-earned cash. Laser hair removal services are offered at competitive prices. Plus, once you finish your laser treatments, you’ll never have to shave, wax, or pluck again—or buy the products that come along with it! You can have forever smooth legs for a reasonable price. Every area of your unwanted hair can be permanently removed and at a fraction of the cost.

Laser hair removal technology has significantly improved over the decades. Advanced systems effectively target and destroy hair follicles without impacting the surrounding skin. With the combined technology of bipolar radiofrequency (RF) and optical energy, modern laser systems are able to treat larger areas of skin in a shorter amount of time (compared to competitive laser systems). Depending on the size of the area, treatments are usually complete after six to eight sessions, spaced approximately four to six weeks apart (legs being spaced eight to ten weeks apart). After each session, hair will grow back finer and more slowly until hair is completely removed.

Unlike shaving, laser hair removal does not leave your skin with uncomfortable bumps, nicks, or ingrown hairs.


If you are tired of the time and expense associated with traditional hair removal methods, laser hair removal offers a more efficient and cost-effective solution. With advanced technology ensuring a comfortable and effective experience, making the switch to laser hair removal can save you time, money, and the hassle of dealing with unwanted hair. Enjoy smooth, hair-free skin and the freedom that comes with it.

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