Your Guide to the Perfect Manzilian Wax

A manzilian? Don’t let the word intimidate you. Most people know what a Brazilian wax is, so just think about what a Brazilian version for men would entail. A manzilian involves removing all unwanted hair from the area around your genitalia, including your buttocks. This includes waxing the balls, the area surrounding the penis, and the anus.

Who Should Get a Manzilian?

Anyone who feels they have excess hair can get a manzilian. It's not restricted to any specific age or type of person. Men’s waxing, including full-body waxes, has become quite common.

How Effective Is Men’s Waxing?

Men’s waxing is just as effective as women’s waxing. Despite the misconception men don’t need or want to be waxed, many men are increasingly seeking out waxing services to achieve a smoother look.

Are There Any Downsides to a Manzilian?

The downsides of a manzilian are similar to those experienced by anyone who waxes, regardless of gender:
- Pain: Yes, it might sting a bit.
- Awkwardness: It can be a little uncomfortable having someone so up close and personal with your intimate areas.
- Cost: It can be pricey, especially at high-end salons.
- Skin Reactions: You might develop red bumps or a light rash, which is a common reaction, especially for first-timers.

How to Do a Manzilian Wax

If you choose to do a manzilian yourself instead of going to a professional, follow these steps to ensure it's done correctly:

1. Purchase a High-Quality Waxing Kit
- Ensure your kit includes a wax warmer, wax, waxing strips, waxing sticks, and soothing oil.

2. Set Up Your Space
- Use a proper space in your home, like the bathroom. The sink area is easy to clean if any wax spills. Plug in the wax warmer to heat the wax.

3. Prepare the Area
- Take a hot shower to open your pores and soothe your skin. Trim your body hair if it's too long to minimize pain.

4. Start at the Base
- Begin at the base of the penis, as this hair is the easiest to remove.

5. Apply the Wax Sparingly
- Apply the wax in the direction of your hair growth using a wax stick. Avoid using large amounts to prevent hair tangling.

6. Lay Wax Strips Down
- Apply the strips and pull them in the direction of your hair growth.

7. Finish the Entire Area
- For the scrotum, stretch the skin with two fingers to make it as flat as possible before waxing.


If this sounds like something you’re interested in, you can search for a "male Brazilian wax near me." Alternatively, if you prefer privacy or wish to save money, you can follow the steps above to perform a manzilian at home.

The manzilian is becoming increasingly popular, and there's no need to be embarrassed by excess body hair. Men have just as much right to feel good about their appearance as women do. Women have led the way in waxing; now, it's your turn to follow in their footsteps and enjoy the benefits of a smooth, hair-free look.

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